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Efficient Online & Offline Mould Cleaning Agent

  • Specially formulated chlorine & chlorine-free alkaline former cleaning agent
  • To remove and prevent build-up of coating material for all former surfaces
  • Deep penetration cleaning to ensure soil removal for textured surfaces
  • Extended life cycle during manufacturing process
  • User friendly, effective and provision of low corrosion properties


Coagulant Powder Free for Natural & Synthetic Rubber Gloves

  • Provision of former release & anti-tacking properties to facilitate stripping process during end glove cycle
  • To maintain anti-blocking properties during excessive storage and transport
  • Distinctive glove finishing & feel
  • Proven for dark and other coloured gloves


Donning Online Polymer

  • Water-based silicone & silicone-free online polymer systems
  • Superior surface smoothness and slip for excellent donning
  • Suitable for natural rubber, nitrile and other synthetic rubber gloves
  • Exclusively formulated to meet performance requirements


Working Offline Polymer

  • To eliminate tackiness on rubber glove surfaces
  • Water-based silicone & silicone-free online polymer systems
  • Distinctive glove finishing & feel


Superior Surfactant Systems

  • Specially designed surfactants for the rubber surfaces
  • Smoothness enhancer
  • Improved wetting mechanism
  • Improved dispersing action


Powder Reducing Agent

  • Lesser powder content for natural rubber gloves
  • Powder optimisation (in slurry tank) for powdered gloves requirements



  • Broad spectrum biocides to prevent infection of water based products
  • Effective against bacteria, molds and yeasts

Other Chemicals

  • Formulated wetting agent
  • Silicone and silicone free antifoam
  • Degreaser and Deruster for metal industry